Classroom teaching methods in schools around Noida Extension

Classroom teaching methods in schools around Noida Extension

Traditionally schools have been linked with education only, though newer classroom teaching methods have come up. Schools are now using them strategically to enhance student interests and engagement to improve their learning curve. Every school in Crossing Republik and Noida Extension area uses a specific classroom teaching method to assist students in learning through their curriculum. 

Today, modern classrooms are highly dynamic, with intriguing ways to make education more engaging. Interactive boards, electronic screens, projectors, and more devices are used in combination with books to impart knowledge to the students. Some schools also have started using digital classrooms to follow a completely interactive learning process with these modern devices. 

Teachers play a crucial role in the student’s learning path. They have to be more adaptive in their method to impart a uniform learning experience to understand each student’s capability. They have to be more aware of the student aptitudes and suggest the right method that allows them to learn best at their potential. 

Here are some interesting teaching methods that Schools in Crossing Republik can apply in the classroom to make them more attractive. 


In this modern age, visualization adds a more practical approach to learning. Teachers must use real-world objects and things in their methods that allow students to implement their understanding of concepts. Graphs, images, Venn diagrams, T charts, and KWL charts, etc. are being used in classrooms to present ideas and problems visually. These methods allow the student to solve problems by brainstorming for quick thinking, processing and decision making. Similarly, outdoor learning experiments and local field trips to make it more practical-based learning for students to compare their education in real-world cases. 

Especially for play school in Crossing Republik, these visualization methods help young learners to get acquainted with knowledge and concepts more quickly. Even outdoor games, playgrounds, and logical exercises are part of the school curriculum in modern schools. 

Differentiated Instruction

In this method, teachers assign different tasks to students based on their abilities, as each student may have a unique learning style and capabilities to perform specific tasks exceptionally. With this process, each student feels the challenge, which pushes their limits to complete the task. Differentiated methods help students to solve complex problems in a way that suits them rather than taking the same way traditionally again and again. This way, students can know more about their strengths and weaknesses to improve on all perspectives. 

Using Technology

In this 21st century, the digital age, technology can help teachers add visual effects in classroom teaching. Today’s generation is also more engaged and proactive with this technology to learn quickly. Projectors, videos, digital images, etc. are used strategically in the classroom teaching methods to keep students engaged with topics and retain their attention. The right use of modern technologies can fill the gap in learning and help students in their overall growth and development. 

Cooperative Learning

In this cooperative learning method, students are encouraged to work with others and understand the perspective from a  360-degree point of view. Teachers may assign a project to a group of students or give specific responsibilities for each student. Now students must communicate with each other to plan and strategize completion of these tasks with excellence. This cooperative learning improves students’ self-confidence, problem-solving abilities and cognition to have a more sound academic career. 

Learner Method

In this learner-centric method, the teacher plays the dual role of teaching and learning with students to make students part of the overall process. This method can help expand the student horizons to add more depth to their understanding and challenge them with complex tasks in a more organized way. Teachers also learn from the students’ perspective as they work collectively to finish a simple task such as reaching a small hill that has the same challenges for teachers and students. Similarly, discussion methods on unsolved social problems can have multiple answers from teachers and students, creating an engaging brainstorming session for both. 

Inquiry-based Instruction

With an Inquiry-based instruction method, students have more liberty to ask a question and look for answers themselves to improvise on their learning curve. Teachers in this methodology encourage students to be more explorative for understanding newer concepts and fundamentals. Teachers must create a space in the classroom to encourage students to ask questions. This curiosity allows the student to explore their minds to inquire more about reasons, facts, and solutions. 

Behaviour Management

Students are often erratic in their behaviour in doing simple daily tasks and need a more disciplined approach within their learning environment. These disruptions can cause unnecessary pitfalls for students to realize their potential. Teachers have to be careful in developing an environment for students that demands mutual respect among them. 

Adopting a behaviour-based strategy can help them to instil better personal development for students. Introducing reward activities such as no homework or extra game time can push students to perform exceptionally well and open new horizons for students in knowing their skills. 

Most of the CBSE schools in Crossing Republik and Noida Extension area have accepted modern classroom teaching methods and offer more captivating ways for students to learn. Teachers in schools have the added responsibilities to keep students focused and provide a step-by-step platform to grow seamlessly. Teachers also need to be flexible to include newer teaching methods to bring out the best from students. 

Parents have to be more responsible in choosing the right nursery school in Crossing Republik and Noida Extension area for their children. They must visit the school premises and observe live classrooms to know the teaching methods. Schools are mainly the first stepping stone for young children toward their learning curve for the future, and these methods help them to reach their potential at the right age. 

St Xavier High School is one of the best schools in Crossing Republik and Noida Extension area and follows a combined method for classroom teaching with visualization, differentiated, cooperative and along with sophisticated use of technology. With more than 60 schools running continuously for more than 25 years, St Xavier’s is one of the leading institutions for imparting education successfully across India.



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