Key factors to check when choosing a school in Noida Extension

Key factors to check when choosing a school in Noida Extension

Picking a school for children is one of the biggest challenges faced by parents today. This is not without cause as the school you choose can go a long way in determining your child’s success in life. The choice becomes harder in urban regions. Several factors must be weighed in. Every parent wants to send his/her child to the best school. 

Like elsewhere, families in and around Noida extension also face the challenge of picking the best school for their children. Which is the best school in Noida extension? Or to put in a better way, what are the things that you must keep in mind while picking a school for your child? Let us delve a bit into this matter and give you a better idea of the process. 

Quality of teaching

This quality of education is one of the most critical factors which need to be examined while picking a school. Parents should compromise for nothing less than the best in this regard. The school that you send your child to must be able to equip your child with sound knowledge and efficient learning techniques. 

Try to make sure that the faculty of the institution possess the required calibre to cater to these requirements. Learning must not be limited to mere bookish knowledge. A good school must be able to give its students holistic learning experience. 


No factor is more important than the security of students. While choosing schools in Noida extension, make sure to pay adequate attention to this dimension. Only select a school that invests adequately for the safety of its students in the form of personnel, equipment (CCTV cameras and related aspects) and policy decisions. Institutions that go easy on bullying and improper punishment methods should never be chosen. 

An on-campus clinic or medical room is a necessity to ensure that students get first-aid at the right time in the event of emergencies. 


A good school needs to have all the infrastructure required to make the process of education truly enriching. Good quality classrooms, use of technological tools, computer labs with all the necessary equipment, laboratories, etc. are extremely important. Go to the campus and make sure that the institution ticks all these boxes before choosing it for your children. 

Co-curricular Activities

Gone are the days when gaining an education meant merely sitting in classrooms and listening to lectures. Today, there is a fair amount of consensus regarding the significance of co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. 

Recently, the number of co-curricular activities has also expanded. Training in yoga, martial arts, musical instruments and other activities is being offered in various schools. A good school should have proper infrastructure and training facilities for different activities. Areas for play and sports must be present on campus. 

Make sure that the school you pick for your child gives proper importance to co-curricular activities and offers a wide variety of choices for your child to choose from. 

Campus culture

Education is never complete without the inculcation of positive values. Besides, to face the challenges of the present-day world, one needs to be equipped with the relevant social skills as well. A school must be able to cater to this. Proper value education and the gaining of social skills is possible only when a school has a vibrant campus culture. The campus culture of the school they attend is pivotal in determining a child’s behaviour and personality. 


In your search for the top schools in Noida extension, never discard the factor of location. Children need a peaceful place free from any form of pollution or negative influences to gain the most from their education. 


Books open up an exciting and intriguing world before us. Reading is one of the most common habits shared by successful people. The right school should possess an excellent library and put in substantial efforts to inculcate the habit of reading into its students. 

Distance and Transportation

The distance between your home and school is a crucial factor that needs to be considered. More than the question of distance, importance should be given to the issue of whether dependable and safe transportation facilities are available between the school and your home. 

Speak to the alumni

This is the most beneficial step that one can take while picking a school. No one can give you a better idea about an institution than someone who has been to the same place. Try to have a word with the alumni of the school or present students or their parents. 

St. Xavier’s High School – striving to help students attain the highest potential

St. Xavier’s High School is a standard fixture in any list of the best schools in greater Noida west. The institution harbours a vision to impart quality education to its students in a healthy environment and help them realise their full potential. The school never disappoints when it comes to results – both of a tangible and intangible nature. 

The institution is run by a management that has an experience of running 60 schools in the past 25 years and in the process, imparting education to more than 75,000 students.

With air-conditioned classrooms, a well-stocked library and top-quality laboratories complement the exceptional faculty and ensure that the students get an enriching learning experience. 

The school believes in holistic education and lays stress on the positive value formation of students. The success of this effort is visible in the vibrant culture on the campus.

The school offers a wide array of co-curricular activities. Qualified trainers are present to guide the students in these activities and help them gain the best results. 

The institution invests heavily to make sure students are safe within the campus premises. Transportation facilities are also provided. 

A medical room is present on the campus to cater to emergencies. 

St. Xavier’s High School offers students a chance to make the most out of their education and realise their highest potential. The institution has been walking the talk and producing emphatic since its inception.



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