Pedagogy Of Future

All educational stakeholders around the world are contemplating upon the question of “How teaching and learning is to be designed” and managed as short term and long-term goals especially after COVID 19. Developing countries such as India are struggling between ensuing western prototypes and shedding traditional teaching paradigms towards new futures.


The most futuristic, innovative and forward-thinking educators recognize the importance of repurposing and revisiting the meaning of education.

The pedagogy, I wish to propose is to create caring, courageous, conscientious citizens of the world, for the world.

The future of education is going to be hybrid, where the online and offline ecospheres meet. When these immensely different formats of learning are interwoven, it enables a massive shift in pedagogy to make learning better. It enables students in understanding the narrative of process is more important than the product, empowers teachers to create flexible learning spaces, engage with students in understanding their preferred learning interests, and equips students drive their cognitive abilities.


Although there is no doubt that new evolving solutions can truly create a future-proof learning environment for generations to come.  As we continue to integrate technology and new instructional strategies to our teaching philosophies, students will inevitably benefit.


My vision for the future of pedagogy is to continue to embrace changes which lead to student empowerment and engagement.

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