Top things to keep in mind while choosing a School in Noida Extension

St.Xavier High School

Noida has gained prominence in the last decade to emerge as one of the top cities of India. Near the capital of India Delhi, Noida has now become a hub for commercial and residential areas and Noida extension, its integral part. Though we are moving towards a digital age, still education is a fundamental pillar around which most careers are born. The right selection of a school can build a strong foundation for children to realize their potential and lead a more successful life. Especially parents today are more concerned about their children’s education and consider a lot of criteria before going to finalize school in imparting education to carry forward their lineage.  

Schools impart that added discipline, structure, and a lifetime learning curve to students towards their adulthood. Here are the top things one should keep in mind while choosing the best school in Noida extension

Recognition: One of the foremost things is to check the recognition of the School. License, registration, state & national board certification often provides insight into the curriculum and reputation of the Schools. Education authorities give certifications and recognition only after a careful checkup of school facilities such as CBSE schools in Noida extension will create a specific national curriculum. 

Especially for daycare, board classes, & extracurricular activities check the school prospectus as well as confirm through online platforms and local regulations. 

School Management:

Principal, administration staff, faculties, teachers and trustees form the backbone of the School management. School management establishes various aspects such as teacher-student ratio, level of discipline, scheduling exams and practical learning approach along with co-curricular activities. They must have experience in handling and challenges that can come in the day-to-day activities of the school. 

The quality of teachers can have a significant impact on the learning path for the students. Faculty must be highly skilled and experienced to create a more positive learning atmosphere for study. They must conduct a meeting with parents to inform them about the progress of their children. Teachers here must take responsibility for educating students in a well-organized manner to explore the world around them. 

Campus Infrastructure:

Schools must also provide modern infrastructure with spacious classrooms, high tech labs, libraries, interactive playing areas, first-aid, sports facilities and other regular activities. The government also recommends several safety regulations procedures for building that schools need to adhere to strictly. The surrounding infrastructure in a place like Noida Extension is extremely modern and hence schools tend to cater the same. Especially for school with daycare facilities, there should be separate meal areas, resting places, and food preparation areas as well. Expert activities such as horse riding, swimming, etc need special coaches and arrangements to safeguard student interests. 

Curriculum and Co-Curricular activities:

Schools are the first step of our modern education today. Certified schools often follow a specific education curriculum as defined by the certification authorities. But it’s the overall experience along with co-curricular activities that define students as stepping stones for their future. Modern education is a mix of education and extracurricular activities. Schools today also need to follow a practical learning approach that helps the student to develop an all-round personality. Co-curricular activities such as sports, music, dance, yoga, art, aerobics, celebrations, carnivals, and regular events give students a chance to mix and compete with each other.

Point of communication with parents through school ERP

In this era of technology, schools are not behind. ERP dashboards are useful for parents to track various parameters of their child’s development. This includes exam scores, statistical analysis of class performance as well as child’s attendance along with various notifications being pushed through the school for communication. This optimises the way schools reach out to parents as well as serves a 


The location of the school also should be near your home. Remote and secluded areas should be avoided that force students to spend a lot of time traveling to & fro between home and school. Roads leading to school need to be easily accessible and should offer seamless connectivity to all residential routes. In case both the parents are working, transportation also becomes a necessity for students. School management must appoint buses to all routes in the nearby location for students to reach home reliably. 

Safety and Security: 

With Children, safety is of paramount importance. Top schools in Greater Noida West must follow all the security measures for safeguarding students from all aspects. The presence of a security guard creates a more protective environment, to begin with. CCTV must be installed at the strategic points within premises along with all entry and exit points. First aid room and availability of medicare professionals further add to the higher reputation of the school. 

The School administration must also communicate with parents to advise them with all specific security and update them for any changes as quickly as possible. Also keeping in mind the extremely good commute facility that Noida extension has, emergency cases are the ones for which the school needs to be well-equipped. 

Parents often look for the best schools in Crossing Republik to help their children get a better education in every aspect. These points help them to come up with the right choices for children in school selection. Parents need to be proactive here in offering the right atmosphere for children collectively at home and with the school’s choice. 

St. Xavier’s High School is one of the best education franchises running successfully with 60 schools and 75000 students across the country. We strive hard to impart students with quality education and a flourishing environment to grow to develop strong personalities to future leaders for tomorrow.


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