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St. Xavier’s High School

The Science laboratory experiences provide opportunities to students to interact directly with the material or with drawn data, using the tools, data collection techniques, models and theories of science.

Our labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus. This helps students to develop a deep understanding of the science content, as well as an understanding of the nature of science. The attitudes of science and skills of scientific reasoning. All students get the opportunity to participate in laboratory investigations in a safe environment.


St. Xavier’s High School

St. Xavier’s High School is well equipped with a computer lab. Internet facility is available throughout the day to help the students in their extra-curricular activities and in enhancing their knowledge of the world wide web.

The fully networked ICT laboratories are equipped with the latest computers and other state of the art IT applications, including interactive learning tools. The school has Wi-Fi enabled campus.


St. Xavier’s High School

To facilitate directed discovery, learning and develop analytical thinking, we have provided the students with a well -equipped Maths Lab. Our highly qualified and experienced maths faculty imparts a strong logical orientation to the entire learning experience.


St. Xavier’s High School

The Social Science Lab is a hub of learning of the students. The students are engaged in numerous activities and find it easier to grasp the aphysical and political dimensions of the world through maps, globes, wind vanes etc.Social science lab acts as an activity room for pupil-teachers as it combines academic experience with worldly knowledge, making learning effective, lively and fun. This lab provides children various options to learn better and to increase their cognitive and cooperative learning. Students are taken there to hone their skills in Social Sciences.