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Message from the Chairman

Dr. Amit Gupta

"The Best Way to Predict Future is to Create it".

St. Xavier’s High School is an incredible school where curiosity thrives. I hope to see my students embrace challenges both inside and outside the classroom. This will kindle in them the spirit to excel. At Xavier’s, students are nurtured from the very early years, equipped with life skills and fortified with experiential learning so that they forge ahead towards achieving excellence of the highest level.

Being a Xaverian myself, I am aware of the existence of an innovative ecosystem which stimulates creativity and critical reflection among students. At St. Xavier’s, Greater Noida West, we have created a campus which caters to the needs of a 21st century learner. I look forward to a positive transformation in students from the moment they cross over the threshold of St. Xavier’s till the time they step out to embrace the world. The pandemic has given us a chance world-wide to rethink and reassess the strategies for education. In the new normal, the challenge is to acclimatize, renew, and create a strong and sustainable future for the school. The teachers are regularly trained and encouraged to update themselves at Xavier’s. Each one of them is committed to bring out the best in the students.

Our aim is to make learning an enriching, fulfilling, and enjoyable experience through a multidisciplinary approach, combining theory and practice in pedagogy. It is our collective endeavour at Xavier’s to promote an inspiring, motivating, value-based academic atmosphere so that all our students uphold this maxim all through their lives, Non ducor, duco meaning ‘I am not led, I lead’.